About Modern

About Us

Long Experience

After Flying Domestic and International Skies for Decades, We Know We are the Best!

Extensively experienced in flying rich people with the level of comfort they deserve, we are the industry’s best!

Any Destination

Whatever the Destination You Wanna Get to, Either of Our Private Jets Will Fly You There!

With almost all countries in the world being an available destination, we will be glad to see you board one of our planes!

Reasons to Fly With Us!

If You’re Used to Flying in Style and Enjoying the Amenities While in Transition in the Sky, Here are Some Pros to Choose us:

99 planes

From Global & HFY to de Havillands…

200 Countries

From France to Peru to Ukraine to Hawaii..


All of our private planes are equipped and packed.

100 Pilots

All of them pass harsh proficiency tests monthly…

Discount Club

As soon as you spend $200000, you get a 1% off!

Pets & Kids

Bring your dog, cat or a child onboard!

24/7 Effective and Friendly Support

Having sold thousands of WordPress themes to thousands of customers, there’s our experience telling us that everyone needs efficient, friendly and timely customer support. Also, as far as we’re concerned, making it 24/7 for tackling any issues you might bump into makes it even better!

Fully Compatible with Woocommerce

We love to provide our customers with some extra options they don’t expect, yet might need some day.Providing a built-in shop mode and a WooCommerce compatibility are one of these. Easily turn on or off the e-commerce on your website and make it work!

What People Say

Наша семья испытала на себе первый перелёт в Шарм.  Аэропорт в прекрасном состоянии! Чисто, уютно. Персонал как и во всех аэропортах серьезный и строгий. Самое приятное -это САМОЛЁТ!!! Красивый и комфортный! Широкие сидения, высокие полки для ручного багажа…

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